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I write clear, accessible, lively prose on a wide range of subjects, most of which concern youth and their learning. Most of my time goes to What Kids Can Do (WKCD), the nonprofit I co-founded with Barbara Cervone in 2001, but I also regularly speak, consult, and write for organizations around the country.

Starting as a printer’s devil in my high school years, over four decades I’ve worn every hat in publishing: writer, editor, and publisher for newspapers, magazines, and books in many fields. Reporting on national high school change from 1988 to 2001 gave me a solid grasp of educational issues and an active network of people in the forefront of that field. Teaching first-year writing at Harvard trained me to coach young people to think deeply and to free up and discipline their voices. Helping to start a progressive public secondary school in Massachusetts in 1995 gave me hands-on experience in setting the bar high for all students.

In recent years, for WKCD, I have traveled the U.S. and abroad collecting the voices of youth, then bringing their words into print and mixed-media forms. Grounded in the rough and subtle realities of adolescence, these voices cut close to the bone — illuminating “best practices” in education, and revealing the fault lines that divide students along lines of class, color, and money. I aim to bring young people’s vivid experiences and insights to an even wider audience, by speaking, writing, and collaborating with you who share a commitment to equity, opportunity, and powerful learning for all.

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